Collection by Olivia Martin

Getting Away from it All: 7 Remote Homes


Freed from the constraints of urban architecture, these homes luxuriate in their far away locales.

All of Scott Palamar’s selections and customizations brought the total to $150,000 for the 640-square-foot home and...
In 2007, as eager young architecture students in Trondheim, Norway, Andreas Gjertsen and Yashar Hanstad won a...
The house's location on a fire-prone site on the edge of a wooded area posed a challenge for Blue.
The modular system created by the architects at Resolution: 4 allows them to customize a home’s floor plan by stacking,...
Though the Burtons are landscape architects, they took an intentionally hands-off approach to their own land, which is...
A pair of LC2 chairs by Le Corbusier are ideal spots for watching the river down below.
Artist's Studio House, Whidbey Island, Washington. Brett Webber, architect, Judy Geist, home owner.

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