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Game On! 8 Designs for the Modernist at Play


For young designers, making their mark with great furniture and lighting is a must—but creating a well-designed game is a very fun bonus. Taking cues from art-edition games of the past, like Man Ray's famous chess board, here are a few sets to encourage well-designed play.

Best Made Co.'s stock and trade is updating classic goods; case in point is this dartboard, handmade in the US from...
A lifelong friendship with fellow chess enthusiast Marcel Duchamp inspired Man Ray to create his unique chess set in...
Brooklyn designer Joe Doucet's playing cards are as minimalist as they come. $12 for a pack at the Dwell Store.
Backgammon is one of the oldest games on record--archeological digs in Iran reveal that similar games were played there...
This game is a bit more cerebral, as the pleasure is not in winning but creating.
Brooklyn studio The Principals re-designed the classic “double 6” domino set with men's retailer Billy Reid.
If calm, on-the-tabletop and by-the-fireside games aren't your thing, may we suggest a ping pong table? The experts at...
Another great option is the Bola Service Table introduced by RS Barcelona this year.