Collection by Amanda Dameron

From Sweden: Note Design Studio


Stockholm-based Note Design Studio is like a Swedish Pee Wee's Playhouse--everything is cartoonish, playful, and very very fun. Founded in 2008, the group is comprised of a quirky mix of designers, architects and all-around creative types, and they combine their efforts to create products, interior spaces, branding for companies, and all manner of things. Their latest collection, Marginal Notes 2011, has just debuted at Stockholm Design Week, and was born from the scribbles that dotted the margins of the team's notebooks. As they tell it, one day during a strategy meeting they decided to take a break by looking at each other's doodles. From those initial sketches, odd proportions and odd configurations included, they launched a series of prototypes. In the end it became an exhibition of weird and wonderful objects. Take a look at the pieces, and the studio's charming liner notes.

Tembo, a high table and stool. "Tembo is Swahili for elephant.
Object #1. "Among prototypes and sketches we also developed some half–time forms; early seeds that influenced later...
Object #3, another early prototype that, while not exactly functional, informed the design of later pieces.
Low Tide Shelving System.
The Boop Armchair. "boop: The mystery of the boop shall never be revealed.
High Tide Shelving System.
Boop Sofa.
Tomorrow Island Lamp.
Yesterday Island Lamp.
Every object in the exhibition, comprised of whimsical objects born from the margins of Note Design Studio.

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