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Editors' Picks: Our 10 Favorite Planters


It's high season to exercise that green thumb! These stylish, modern planters are made for plants of all sizes—from a miniature, desktop succulent to a space-defining living wall. Read our June 2015 issue for many more green design ideas.

This Pleated Planter is sized to hold one plant and includes a self-watering wick to ensure that the plant does not...
A group of Woolly Pocket planters can be put up in an afternoon. Each planter's hook requires one screw to hang.
The geometric Shard Planter Bench is more than just planter or bench—it’s a sculptural piece of art.
Thin legs, thick foliage, and an entirely Swedish take on the indoor planter: Stick a cover on top and this prime place...
Here's a look at all four colors in the line of Planter Boxes. They sell for $48 each or $82 for a pair.
Click and...
Black thumbs, don't despair: Minimal watering and indirect sunlight will best allow terrariums—such as this one...