Collection by Zachary Edelson

Eco-Friendly Homes Built with Passive House Standards in Mind


While not every house collected here mets the strictest standards and certifications of passive house design, they all strive to achieve its goals: impressive efficiency thanks to insulation, air-tight construction, and other energy-saving features.

“Initially the design had the studios completely separated from the main house with a sort of breezeway in between,”...
Arango worked with Maine-based firm GO Logic on the design and construction of the house.
The approximately 1076-square-foot, two-bedroom dwelling was built by architect Bernard Tulkens for his parents-in-law.
The exterior was clad with LP SmartSide in alternating bands of textured and smooth siding and basement areaways are...
With the challenge of fitting a four bedroom house on an oddly shaped plot, Merer's design aimed to maximize space.
While the proportions of the old brownstone’s facade remain congruous with others on its street, the stone has been...