Collection by Miyoko Ohtake

Dominey Pavilion and Carport


When Decatur, Georgia, residents Todd and Heather Dominey tasked architect architect William Carpenter of Lightroom Studio to create additional space for their growing family, they turned to the outdoors. Embracing the space surrounding an ailing white oak, they nursed the tree to health and breathed new life into their backyard.

Watch our slideshow of images of the Dominey Pavilion and read the story, told in captions.

Todd, a software developer, met Carpenter when the two collaborated on website projects.
The pavilion and carport that Carpenter designed carry on the horizontal character of the Domineys' Craftsman-style...
In addition to the covered pavilion, the structure Carpenter designed includes an exterior deck, garden, and driveway.
To save the tree, Carpenter called in an arborist, who helped Carpenter and the Domineys nurse it back to health.
Carpenter describes the FSC-certified cypress structure as part sculpture, part architecture, and part landscape.
The carport leaves the vehicles it shelters partially exposed to the elements but encourages a southeast breeze to flow...
The Domineys use the outdoor living room, outfitted with a fireplace, ten months of the year. For more, visit lightroom.