Collection by Diana Budds

Collectors' Items


Organization is key for the aficionados of crockery, records, cameras, and ceramics featured in the pages of Dwell. To prevent their growing collections from mushrooming into a chaotic mess, they found creative ways to showcase their prized possessions—from shelves built into staircases to a DIY pegboard to simple perches for pottery.

A closer look at the shelving built into the staircase in the kitchen.
The office houses the letter “U" as well as cameras.
The kitchen has incorporated Congdon's collections and Walsh's minimalism to achieving a bright balance between form...
Montague arranges his objects with a sense of humor.
Margaret Oomen created the perfect pegboard sourcing inspiration—and got a can of chalkboard paint—from the aisles of...
The oversize conference table in Bob Weinstein’s live/work loft (like the cocktail table in the foreground) was...
Small details add to the overall design.
Instead of splurging on expensive framed art, Susanna tapes postcards and images cut from magazines to the wall.
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