Collection by Diana Budds

Coffee Break: Third Wave Kiosk


A new coffee kiosk clad in reclaimed Cor-Ten steel sheet piles references local landscape and culture. It's located in Torquay, Australia, a beachside town about 60 miles south of Melbourne. ran a story about the cafe, praising it for "celebrating a spirit of invention, opportunity and making do with little means." We wholeheartedly agree with the assessment. Local architect Tony Hobba designed the structure, which looks modern, feels like it's been part of the coastline for years, and uses materials wisely (the metal used in the envelope was used as temporary formwork during the 2010 floods in Victoria).

The Third Wave Kiosk opened on the shores of Torquay, Australia, in 2011. Photo by Rory Gardiner.
The city, located on the country's eastern coast, is known for its world-class surfing. Photo by Rory Gardiner.
From a distance, the rusted Cor-Ten facade looks to be an extension of the rocky terrain. Photo by Rory Gardiner.
For more on the kiosk, visit Photo by Rory Gardiner.