Collection by Kelsey Keith

Cheap and Clean Hanging Storage Tactic: Pegboard


Pegboards are the Pinterest-proved interior organization tool du jour: cheap, easy to mount, and far more interesting than a plain white wall. Here are six ways to work with pegboard.

Designer and digital fabricator Shawn Benson shares his 595-square-foot second-floor space with his wife, Jessica, and...
Margaret Oomen created the perfect pegboard sourcing inspiration—and got a can of chalkboard paint—from the aisles of...
Merge Architects wrapped the peg wall around three sides of a bathroom to hide a door and provide a storage for books...
A garage full of cupboards can’t contain Orpilla’s toolkit.
The kitchen's restaurant-supply counter and Model Six stools by Jeff Covey for Herman Miller are next to a large window...
Pegboards are a natural tactic for kitchen storage, especially in rentals.

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