Collection by Kate Santos

Building Modern Pavilions


A free-standing pavilion can accent a building, provide temporary shelter and function as a pleasurable home away from home. Here are four very different examples of the modern pavilion, accompanied by the architects' original blueprints for the designs.

The 1,000-square-foot pavilion was completed in 2009 as a volunteer structure and tool shed--though today its used far...
McKay devised a modular system of arches that would define the open-air structure.
Stephen Yablon Architect's guest pavilion is a modern interpretation of a local Charleston building style—the single, a...
A section of a Sullivan's Island beach house shows the covered veranda space underneath the 1,500 square foot addition.
Todd, a software developer, met Carpenter when the two collaborated on website projects.
In addition to the covered pavilion, the structure Carpenter designed includes an exterior deck, garden, and driveway.
Holl designed rectangular punctures in the various roofs and in the central pool of water to allow bars of light to...
A watercolor by architect Steven Holl was an early step toward translating an obscure musical score by István Anhalt...