Collection by Allie Weiss

Bright Hotel with Spacious Communal Lobby in Times Square


When creating a hotel in the madhouse that is New York's Times Square, designers can go one of two ways—create a protected sanctuary that provides some quiet from the nonstop bustle on the streets, or make a 24-seven party house that attempts to capture the neighborhood's energy. The newly opened CitizenM, the European hotel brand's first outpost in the U.S., does a little bit of both. With architecture and interiors by Amsterdam-based firm Concrete, the hotel offers an ample lobby for lounging, drinking, and laptop-ing the day away (on plush Vitra furnishings, no less), while compact, streamlined bedrooms provide peaceful sleeping perches. Click through the slideshow for a tour of the bright space.

At the base of the 21-story hotel in New York's Time Square is a canopied entrance that leads into the double-height...
A 24-foot-high cabinet that begins on the entrance plaza continues inside, running the length of the lobby.
"We tried to create places where [people] can work, meet, eat, drink and relax," Vermeulen says.
In addition to work and lounge areas, the spacious lobby includes a 24-hour canteen and bar. Photo by Adrian Gaut.
Each guest room features a bed tucked against a large window. High-pressure laminate wood lines the floors and ceilings.
The rooftop bar features custom green sofas and lanterns by Concrete meant to replicate an urban garden.