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Behind the Scenes: Making a Bocci 19 Series


In Dwell’s September issue, Omer Arbel, the creative director of Canadian design company Bocci, invited us into his home and took us on a tour of the foundry where the Bocci 19 series is made, see some behind-the-scene moments from the photo shoot here!

We snapped a shot just as workers poured the copper-brass alloy over a Bocci 19 series mold, click through the...
For our In the Modern World section, we shared a process shot of a Bocci 19 series.
The Bocci 19 series is made with a sandcasting technique, which Arbel favors because it creates a unique product each...
When the copper-brass alloy is poured over the mold, the shape of the overspill is different each time.
The result is a “frozen lava texture, which contrasts with the inside of the bowl that we polish to an almost mirror...
We also toured inside Arbel’s home along the Vancouver cliffs. Pick up our September issue, on newsstands August 5. to...
A shot of the stunning view from Arbel’s backyard.

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