Collection by Kelsey Keith

Architecture Like You've Never Seen It Via Reimagined British Postmodernism


The "merry pranksters" of British design, FAT Architecture, called it quits after 20 glorious years of eye-popping Postmodernism. Now, co-founder Sam Jacob asks graduate students at Yale University to critique FAT's work via drawings inspired by other famous architects.

See all the Yale University student drawings, part of a course taught by FAT co-founders Sean Griffiths, Charles Holland, and Sam Jacob, at Abitare.

Sint Lucas is a RIBA European Award-winning school project that FAT overhauled in 2006.
Yale University student Michael Miller reimagined Sint Lucas under the guise of an OMA-style drawing (with Alex Wall).
FAT (an abbreviation for the tongue-in-cheek values of "Fashion Architecture Taste") made its name with "pop-collage"...
FAT’s Hoogvliet Heerlijkheid in the style of Michael Webb, drawn by Yale student Kara Biczykowski.
FAT Architecture designed a villa and a graphic, bright pink bridge for Rotterdam's Heerlijkheid Hoogvleit.
FAT’s Hoogvliet Heerlijkheid via David Hockney, drawn by Yale student Kara Biczykowski.
The £300,000 structure is an exercise in the growing trend of live/work residences.
FAT’s Blue House via Zaha Hadid drawn by Yale student PJ Nakamura.
While FAT's work is over-the-top, even bombastic, it retains connection to its surroundings, often through materials.
FAT’s CIAC in the style of Theo van Doesburg by Yale student Tamrat Gebremichael.