Collection by Zachary Edelson

An Artist and Craftswoman Duo Build Nearly All the Furniture in Their Live/Work Haven


Meredith Nicole and Mark Henderson, who are currently engaged, seized on this 975-square-foot space in a Vancouver warehouse to build their workshop and home. Meredith builds furniture and runs this online shop of North American artisans' works while Mark is a coder, bicycle frame builder, and fine art painter.

While the building is mostly zoned industrial uses—it features a kiln, wood shop, dark room, dance studio, machine...
Meredith and Mark raised the bed two feet to create ample storage space underneath.
Both the platform couch and coffee table were crafted by Meredith while Mark created the wall art.
This table is where Mark paints and assembles his bicycles; he built the table and the bike standing upon it. The tall...
Mark and Meredith's office—the chair was a flea market find while Meredith built the table.