Collection by Diana Budds

All the Cacti You Could Ever Need at a Shop in Los Angeles


When it comes to impressive indoor gardens, certain plants are having their moment in the spotlight (we're looking at you, succulents, tillandsias, and fiddle leaf fig trees). The new Los Angeles shop Cactus Store has tapped into the—you guessed it—cactus trend, with rare and hard-to-find specimens on offer. Manged by Johnny Morera and owned by Help LTD., the 350-square-foot Echo Park storefront is a destination for those seeking a sharp addition to their homes.

Head to Cactus Store at 1505.5 Echo Park Ave in Los Angeles, California, to spy an expertly assembled collection of...
Morera was also attracted to cacti's resilience.
"A lot of nurseries sell cacti, but the difference in what we are doing is that we are not selling raw plant material...
Some of the cacti species available at the shop include cleistocactus supernova, pediocactus knowltonii, and...