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Aging Gracefully: How Architecture Can Make Nursing Homes Obsolete


As a large portion of the American population reaches retirement, architects and designers are rethinking what it means to age. With a new book and conceptual design, Matthias Hollwich of HWKN puts forth a new plan urban living—for the ages.

Learn more about Matthias Hollwich's plan for New Aging at Dwell on Design New York, which runs from May 13–15, 2016.

When architect Matthias Hollwich turned 40, he was confronted with what it means to age in America today.
The first step, he says, is to just address the issue.
In his call to action, Hollwich says: "This process begins with developing a new attitude toward aging: Expanding our...
The skyscraper concept Skyler looks at ways that architecture can support sustainable human communities.
The book New Aging features simple tips to "live smarter now to live better forever", cheerfully illustrated by Bruce...