Collection by Diana Budds

Abstract Geometric Quilts by Lindsay Stead


Toronto-based quilt maker Lindsay Stead takes a decidedly hands-on approach to her craft.

"For me, the process of hand quilting really solidifies my connection with each quilt and makes the work very personal, almost as if each stitch holds a memory for me," says designer Lindsay Stead. "In this era of making objects as quickly as possible, I think that what I am doing is sadly very rare." Stead bases her patterns off of traditional motifs but introduces a modern twist by playing with positive and negative space, low and high contrast colors, and a variety of scales. "I have been categorized by others—and now have begun to adopt this classification myself—as a modern quilter, but I feel that my work really blurs the line between traditionalism and modernism," she says. We're taken with her sensibility, modern or traditional or everywhere in between.

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