Collection by Sarah Akkoush

A Single-Room Loft with Impressive Wall-to-Wall Storage


This unconventional, 2,000-square-foot space has no full walls, and just one room.

Sitting on the Northern part of Turkey’s Golden Horn, Karakoy has seen a recent transition from industrial and commercial hub to and up-and-coming trendy neighborhood. In this context, design team Yasemin Arpac and Sabahattin Emir of Ofist helped transform an urban loft into a sleek space tailor-made for the owner, a single bachelor seeking a home that was “natural, neutral, comfortable, and practical.” Central to the vision was the concept of the entire home as a whole, void of traditional boundaries or divisions expected of a space of this size, nearly 2,000 square feet. Designing for a single client, there was no need to execute different ideas for different rooms; instead, all of the spaces of the house were designed to be intertwined and interconnected, with a cohesive materials palette throughout the home.

The team’s design philosophy was “not to have too many ideas,” and instead focus on a few key aesthetic moves that...
Structural changes were immediately made to the original shell to bring in more natural light.
A cast-in-place concrete kitchen island features a cantilevered concrete dining table.
The kitchen worktop is framed in iron, and functional wheeled storage fits perfectly underneath.
Futuristic floating stairs lead to the loft’s mezzanine.
One entire wall of the space is dedicated to storage.
Uninterrupted cement flooring was chosen for the mezzanine.
The main bathroom is only partially separated from the sleeping area by a glass partition.
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