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A Second Look at Japanese Soaking Tubs


For centuries, the Japanese have enjoyed a relaxing ritual of steaming in neck-high water at the end of each day. Like other aspects of Japanese design, this simple yet harmonious custom has become popular the world over, as extra-deep soaking tubs are incorporated into modern bathrooms and backyards. Here's how it's done.

Parallelogram-shaped stone slabs line the walkway to the hot tub.
Custom shoji-inspired screens of Roberts’s design conceal the closet and extend to provide privacy for the adjacent...
Nighttime hikes often end at the the “cowboy” hot tub where Smith soaks his feet: two nested Hastings galvanized...
The master bathroom departs from the cool tones used throughout the house in favor of warmer, neutral-toned marble...
Designing two narrow bathrooms–one with an encroaching concrete retaining wall—required major creativity.
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