Collection by Zachary Edelson

A Sculptural Pebble-Shaped Device that Protects Against Smart Home Hacks


Dubbed Dojo, this unique product monitors and learns the behavior of your internet-connected home devices to better detect hacks,

Dojo was launched by Dojo-Labs, a startup whose experts have cybersecurity experience from organziations like AT&T, Google, Samsung, and Israeli government intelligence. The hardware was designed by NewDealDesign, the same studio behind the Fitbit Wellness Tracker.

Once installed, Dojo's software adds all the devices—cellphones, printers, tablets, security cameras, etc.—that use...
Of course, Dojo also comes with an app that allows you to remotely monitor activities and tackle threats.
With the proliferation of smart home tech, including smart locks, the ability to rapidly detect and neutralize attacks...
Dojo is available for pre-order via Amazon for $99 with 12 months of service (the usual suggested retail price is $199...