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A Renovated Modernist Oasis in the French Riviera That Has Hosted Picasso and Royalty


Once home to modernist architect Barry Dierks, this historic home overlooking the Mediterranean Sea gets some functional updates without sacrificing its timeless appeal.

“Coco Chanel is said to have invented sunbathing, but Barry Dierks created the places to do it,” say the architects tasked with updating this historic French villa. American born modernist architect Barry Dierks moved to the Cote d’Azur in 1925 where he left behind a legacy of villas dotting the French Riviera. In 2011, the German firm 4a Architekten received the commission to completely renovate the first of Dierks’ villas, Villa le Trident. The remodel aimed to preserve the white cubic architecture of the facade while outfitting the interior with modern amenities. It’s these modern features that keep the house feeling as effortlessly low-maintenance chic as it did in 1926.

Villa Le Trident owes its name to the steep three-pronged piece of land on which it is situated.
To create uninterrupted views of the sea throughout the interior, the architects implemented sliding glass doors as...
The remodel involved restoring the concrete ceilings, parapets, terrace stairs, and pergolas, down to each vault, arch,...
The interior scheme prevents clutter in a variety of creative ways, including concealing a heat pump in the walls and...
One of the biggest parts of the remodel was removing walls on the ground floor to make space for more of an open plan.
The kitchen features Miele and Bosch appliances surrounded by oak flooring from Bois Ditton; the shelves are walnut.
Glass elements not only allude to the ocean, but also lend a fresh look to some of the rooms.
On the patio, robinia wood beams shade a Kettal Vieques dining table and set of Moroso Supernatural chairs.
The swimming pool was reshaped and refinished to blur the transition between deck and rocky outcrop.
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