Collection by Kelly Dawson

A Montreal Duplex Is Transformed Into An Elegantly Simple Light-Filled Home


A home’s historic façade gives way to a uniformed design.

Much like the gentrified Plateau Mont-Royal neighborhood around it, this home was renovated with history in mind. Small, dark rooms with low ceilings once defined the structure—which was made up of two apartments—and a large garage took up the majority of space in the garden. The owner—a single woman and active professional—requested a light-filled cottage and outdoor space to entertain. Architect Alexandre Blouin and his team at Blouin Tardif Architecture Environment focused on simplicity: "The main issue was to get light into the building,” said Blouin. The garage was removed and interior spaces were unified so that a rear wall of glass could illuminate two stories. At the front, a new brick façade honors the home’s 19th-century roots.

Double-height windows in the dining room accompany sliding glass doors that lead to the backyard.
The white kitchen matches the clean aesthetic of the rest of the home, but the team at Blouin Tardif agreed that it...
Uniformity was the basis of the home’s design, and the stairs were included in that mindset.
Compared with the vibrant backsplash in the kitchen, the gray couch by Maison Corbeil adds a “somber” quality to the...
Another unusual aspect to the design was the inclusion of walnut panels on the ceiling, which complemented those on the...
Artic white tiles by Ciot create a mosaic that wraps around the second floor bathroom.
The garage that once stood in the backyard was removed so that the owner could have a place to entertain outside.
At the city’s request, the design at the front of the home did not receive a major change—which included keeping the...