Collection by Laura C. Mallonee

A Modern Take on the Gabled Cabin in Cape Cod


Hammer Architect's latest vacation house sits in the middle of the Massachusetts woods.

When most people think of Cape Cod, they imagine sand, shells, and waves. But much of the promontory is forested, and it was on a woodsy hilltop in Truro that architect Mark Hammer was recently tasked with building a weekend retreat. To make the most of the setting, he raised living and dining spaces to the second level, creating an "upside down" cabin that lets residents take in seaside views over the tree tops.

"The typical Cape Cod house built by early settlers had very few windows, as they were built to survive a harsh...
White and red cedar boards—also typical Cape Cod materials—clad the exterior.
Granite curbing and bluestone pavers flank the base of the first level.
Varying types of wood make up the home's interior: white oak planks for the floor, solid mahogany for the cabinets, and...
In the open-plan main room upstairs, a midcentury modern table and chairs from a local antique shop mark the start of...
A relaxing couch from Thrive sits before a mahogany-encased fireplace.
Four bedrooms occupy the bottom level. The beds are by Modernica and a Womb chair by Eero Saarinen sits in the corner.
At night, the interior lighting casts the geometric window framing in silhouette.