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A Modern Show House in Lima, Peru


Tom Dixon helps transform an aging mansion as part of the Casa Cor Peru design event.

In a country like Peru, where the population boom outpaces housing, destroying decrepit structures to make way for skyscrapers is the current trend. But one organization, Casa Cor, is working to change that. For the last 19 years, Casa Cor has restored once-grand, run-down houses in South American cities such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and turned them into pop-up show houses. Nestled in Lima's bohemian neighborhood of Barranco is this year's project, the century-old, 13,000-square-foot Palacete Sousa. The two stars of Casa Cor 2014 are British designer Tom Dixon, whose Bar Club is the home's centerpiece, and Sachi Fujimori, who upcycled shipping containers into a single-family home with 360-degree views just outside the main house. Palacete Sousa, located at Calle Cajamarco 220, is open to the public through November 2.

Located 6,000 miles away from Peru, British designer Tom Dixon directed Bar Club from his home in England.
A collection of Dixon's new gold pendants hangs in the Bar Club.
The 100-year-old house's architectural details, such as the coffered ceiling, are juxtaposed with Dixon's Gold Mirror...
The Bar Club is outfitted with what Dixon describes as a "monolithic" bar holding his new Plum barware line.
In her dining room at Palacete Sousa, Comedor Peruano, designer Teté Anavitarte Laos uses pre-Incan pottery and Andean...
Peruvian-born designer Sachi Fujimori's Casa Reciclada, or Recycled House, was constructed from a used shipping...