Collection by Laura C. Mallonee

A Modern Home Experiments with Exposed Concrete and Sliding Yellow Doors


Polish architecture firm mode:lina aimed for simplicity with their latest project in Poznań.

The familiar dictum “less is more” has been quoted so often that it’s begun to sound like marketing copy, but Mies van der Rohe first said it for a reason. A minimalist approach to design can make spaces feel thoughtful, bright, and more spacious than they really are—qualities that are paramount to a recent project by Polish architects Pawel Garus and Jerzy Wozniak. Following modernist tenets, they combined clean lines, natural materials, and plenty of built-in storage to create a 1,500-square-foot home with a creative, industrial feeling.

Ceilings are typically composed of concrete beams and blocks that are covered with drywall and paint.
The architects employed several time-honored tricks to make the home feel more spacious.
Canary yellow doors keep the house from feeling austere.
Contrasts help mark boundaries within the open-plan main room.
The residents didn’t want the television to be the focus of their new home, so the architects camouflaged it against a...
A geometric frame delineates the kitchen without closing it off.
Sleek fixtures and appliances—including a Flanke Impact sink, Bosch oven, and Electrolux fridge — complement custom...
The bedrooms feel like sanctuaries, as they’re much darker and enclosed than other spaces in the home.
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