Collection by Diana Budds

A Gothic-Inspired Modern Home


Modernism's crisp lines and ornament-free surfaces bear little resemblance to Gothic architecture's gingerbread house–like flourishes. But in the North Carolina residence belonging to a musician and his son, Medieval structures informed the contemporary design. Michael Rank approached Raleigh-based firm Tonic to create a house that emphasized his love of tall, vertical spaces and staircases. A professional musician, Rank also requested space for a recording studio. Privacy was paramount as was room for his collection of art and muscle cars. Tonic took all the requirements and delivered a thoughtfully planned two-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath house at about $200 per square foot.

In Pittsboro, North Carolina, design-build firm Tonic contstructed a four-story, 3,200-square-foot residence for a...
Resident Michael Rank wanted the house to be divided into distinct zones for provacy.
Tonic selected factory-finished standing-seam metal roofing to clad the upper two floors; the base is concrete.
Natural light floods the interior and a network of metal stairs—reminiscent of an MC Escher drawing—is suspended...
Artwork rests on ledges so that Rank can display his collection without drilling screws into the wall or fussing with...