Collection by Zachary Edelson

A Family-Friendly Device Designed to Manage and Safeguard Your Home Internet


Circle with Disney is a device and app that works with your WiFi to manage what online content goes to each member of your family—all while adding a layer of encryption to keep your data safe.

The Circle with Disney ($99) device is this small 3.25 inch cube whose rechargeable internal battery means it can't be...
All your surfing history stays in the Circle device and is never shared.
While certain devices like the thermostat can remain off the network, every device you do add—from tablets to videogame...
On a basic level, the app allows you to monitor how long any user can be on the internet.
Beyond simple parental controls for each user—the filter levels are pre-k, kid, teen, adult—you can also monitor or...
And why the "with Disney"? Thanks to a partnership with Disney, Circle with Disney users have access to Disney videos,...

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