Collection by Caroline Wallis

A Family Builds Their Dream Modern Home Overlooking the Georgian Bay


At 7,110 square feet, the beauty of this dwelling's views is matched by an extensive collection of modern furniture and Hans Wegner pieces.

Often referred to as “the sixth great lake,” the granite-shored Georgian Bay presents a unique geological backdrop for Atelier Kastelic Buffey’s (AKB) two-story home nestled in a boreal landscape. The clients, a family of five, were originally living in Switzerland when Jeff, one of the homeowners, found this site on which he would help develop his future home. The family briefly lived in a preexisting bungalow on the site in order to experience first-hand and then ultimately design for the prevailing wind and sun patterns. This helped the family decide where to place the house on the site, how much they would excavate, and how they would program the house. AKB used a cut-and-fill strategy of excavating the shale bedrock for the house then using the rock to fill a depression near the pond for runoff waste management. The result is a 100-acre home in tune with nature and the family’s needs.

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