Collection by Zachary Edelson

A Dutch Home that Plays with Traditional Brick Architecture


Designed by a local architect for a contractor, the Riel Estate fuses modern design with traditional construction materials.

Masonry construction is ubiquitious in the Brabant region of the Netherlands. However the client behind this home, himeself a contractor and builder, wanted a modern twist on that time-honored solid construction. Joris Verhoeven Architectuur delivered this assymetrically gabled home, titled the Riel Estate, that plaufully reconsiders what the humble brick can do in modern construction.

The bricks were locally sourced from the surrounding Brabant region.
It's traditional among homes in the region to enter through their backdoor, seen here.
Just outside the entrance, the conventional masonry construction transforms from wall to ceiling, thereby creating a...
The living room opens to the backyard thanks to a large sliding glass door.
The staircase divides the house in two, separating the kitchen from the other living spaces.
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