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A Country Home That Changes Color Throughout the Day


Choosing a single color to represent your house is daunting, which is why Ilhan and Kamer Eser went with many. Using a pearlescent paint that appears to change color with the position of the sun, their net-zero home in California gradually transitions from bright green to deep bronze between dawn and dusk.

When their three daughters left home, Ilhan and Kamer Eser seized the opportunity to design a new house in the...
When it came to color, the Esers didn't want to limit themselves.
As the sky grows dark, so does the home. In the late afternoon, the house turns a deep shade of bronze.
The colors contained within the range are primarily natural, complementing the home's rural backdrop.
The paint does more than add visual interest, it contributes to the net-zero home's overall sustainability.
Other energy-efficient elements include geothermal heating and cooling systems as well as heavily-insulated metal panel...