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A Clever System Turns Nearly Anything into a Shelf


Two Detroit-based designers create a brilliant system that turns nearly any flat surface into a shelf or table. We go behind the scenes to see how the products are made.

Like many enterprising designers, Kyle Hoff and Alex O'Dell took their new product idea to Kickstarter to get their...
A boon to frequent movers, tables created using the Floyd Leg can be assembled and disassembled in a matter of minutes.
The new Floyd Shelf operates similarly: mount the brackets onto a wall and clamp a board in place.
Here's a shot of the Floyd Shelf ($85) in action.
Part of the company's success lies in the fact that everything is manufactured within a few miles from where Hoff and...
Hoff and O'Dell work with a few different fabricators in Detroit and the connection with them is something Hoff likes...
"By minimizing the number of pieces cut out, we minimize the amount of labor it takes to create each shelf," Hoff says.
At the powder coating facility, the legs are hung on a conveyor belt that takes them through a powder booth.
This is what the finished leg looks like.
The legs are then wrapped for shipment.
"One the best parts of this whole endeavor is seeing what people create with our products," Hoff says.