Collection by Diana Budds

3D Printed Lighting by Exnovo


At Maison & Objet, Italian company exnovo debuted six new lines of 3D-printed lighting designs created by an additive process called laser sintering.

Afillia by Alessandro Zambelli for exnovo.
The table lamp version of Afilia features a pine base.
Lanzavecchia + Wai, whom we featured in our May 2013 issue, created the Biophilia lampshade, an industrial product...
Rhizaria, also by Lanzavecchia + Wai, features a mouth-blown Murano glass shade enclosed in a 3D-printed lattice.
When switched on, the lamp casts a colorful glow.
A play on words, Plune designed by Franz Canins combines the Latin words for "feather" and...
4P1B's LED Trick lamp uses tension from rubber bands to mimic the structure of a joint.
Gio Triotto and Stefano Rigolli collaborated on Voltaire, a series of table lamps derives inspiration from the...

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