Your Design City

Your Design City is sponsored by the Design Museum London and Don't Panic, the open-source, zine-ish, culture/design publication. Judges include punk photographer Kevin Cummins (former head photographer for the English music bible, New Musical Express), Angus Hyland, a partner at design powerhouse Pentagram, Deyan Sudjic, director of the Design Museum London, and George Oates, one of the founders of flickr.

If you're a flickr newbie—and even if you aren't—I suggest spending some time wading through the entire pool of entries (not just the winners), to see the breadth and quality of photography that's being made and disseminated online. It wasn't that long ago that magazines like Life and Aperture were the poles of "high" photography in the U.S., atop a vast underground sea of amateurs and hobbyists. But today digital photography and sites like flickr have turned the tide in a more democratic (and entertaining) direction.

First image: The starfish interchange by Le Shann.

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