You Can Now Build Your Entire Kitchen with IKEA (Appliances Too!)

You Can Now Build Your Entire Kitchen with IKEA (Appliances Too!)

By Arlene Hirst
IKEA unveils a new, modular kitchen system complete with appliances.

If you’re interested in installing a new kitchen you might want to check out IKEA. The giant Swedish retailer has just redesigned its entire range from sizing to interior fittings, replacing its old model, Akurum, with Sektion, a modular system that it claims is easier to install. All the cabinets are built to full inches so there are no maddening fractions to deal with.

IKEA also has been quietly expanding its kitchen appliance department, located right next to the cabinets: French drawer stainless steel refrigerators, wall ovens, and cooktops as well as ranges in a choice of gas electric or induction power. There are also dishwashers and microwave ovens. The appliances are all made by Whirlpool and come with a 5-year limited-warranty. (the cabinets have a 25 year warranty). Basically, IKEA is offering one-stop shopping, along with design services to help you plan. If  installing a kitchen on your own goes beyond your capabilities, the company has a roster of contractors on call that can do all the dirty work.

The system comes in a range of styles, from high tech to country, from light woods to dark, as well as an extensive choice of hardware and countertop surfaces, now clearly displayed right next to the cabinets.

Offering a completely different look, this svelte version features an exhaust hood and modern hardware.

Overhead cabinets now can be easily swung open for ease of access. The kitchens are priced at IKEA’s usual retails. A 10 by 10 foot kitchen fitted with Sektion cabinets will range from around $1,300 to $2,200, excluding appliances.

Induction cooktops, growing steadily in popularity due to their energy efficiency and speed, are part of the offering as well as as a selection of exhaust hoods.

State of the art technology is part of the package. The units feature integrated LED lighting and USB outlets, remote control dimmers, and in-drawer and in-cabinet LED lighting.

Another plus: Sektion offers the option of drawers within drawers that allow you to make optimum use of interior spaces, while maintaining a minimal modern exterior.

One of the system's best new features are the interior drawers, which can now be as detailed as the most expensive high-end systems, providing a place for everything with drawers for pots, knives, tablelinens, and dinnerware.


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