Top 5 Homes of the Week With Sparkling White Kitchens

Top 5 Homes of the Week With Sparkling White Kitchens

By Samantha Daly
The tried-and-true minimalist trend shines in these modern white kitchens. Take a peek at the top kitchen picks from the Dwell community that caught our editor's eye this week.

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1. Midcentury Style Farmhouse 

Custom cabinets, shiplap, and warm brass tones make this kitchen by Hawthorn Builders very inviting and clean.

Builder: Hawthorn Builders, Location: Needham, Massachusetts

From the builder: "This midcentury farmhouse has wonderful urban views out the back and considerable natural light. The first floor features an open-concept dining, kitchen, and family room with a spacious mudroom and dedicated home office. The home was constructed in a traditional wood frame building style, but incorporates all of the more modern conveniences."

2. Casa Dolce Vita

Casa Dolce Vita's brilliant white kitchen is a lesson in simplicity; Atelier Michael Hagara tucked all the appliances away neatly so certain features, like the pendant light, could shine.

Interior designer: Atelier Michal Hagara, Location: Prague, Czechia

From the interior designer: "A kitchen island—a sculpture-like processed monolith, air-balancing above floor level on a hand-cut aluminum platform—can evoke a luxurious yacht slowly sailing by a harbor. The kitchen area is a recognized and fully-fledged part of the main living area. The use of up-to-date technologies has given me occasion for a little joke—above the cook top, an outstanding light object hangs in the place where the cooker hood is usually located."

3. Bata Penthouse

The warm tones of the white oak table and floating bench compliment the sleek Bulthaup kitchen in Bata Penthouse by Dubbeldam Architecture + Design.

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Architect: Heather Dubbeldam of Dubbeldam Architecture + Design, Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

From the architect: "Understanding that this home would be like an autobiography of [homeowner Sonja Bata's] life, Dubbeldam created a flowing, minimal space that took advantage of the sweeping views of the city, and gave Sonja’s treasured belongings an opportunity to tell a story about her life. Dubbeldam designed an open plan with mediating elements instead of walls—such as custom cabinets and a large tapestry mounted on a floating panel—allowing dramatic views between rooms and through openings in the cabinets, to the large floor and ceiling windows beyond."

4. Berkley Live/Work Residence

PLANT Architect Inc. reworked the kitchen in the Berkely Live/Work Residence; it's now an airy, open social area.

Architect: PLANT Architect Inc., Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

From the architect: "Work on this existing live/work structure in downtown Toronto involved a 2,000-square-foot interior renovation and new cladding concepts for the exterior facades. This concept creates a more inviting entry that distinguishes the office entrance from the residential entrance, with an interior door that connects the owners’ Victorian house with the modern tower. The interior renovation includes updated finishes, colors, and a revamped kitchen and interior details."

5. Winchester Residence

The kitchen in the Winchester Residence features plywood cabinets with white Fenix cladding. RobitailleCurtis moved the rear service stair forward into the kitchen to allow a new stair to the basement to be concealed beneath it.

Architect: RobitailleCurtis, Location: Westmount, Quebec, Canada

From the architect: "The client for this project was raised in this 1890s brick Victorian. When the client's mother passed away, she and her family decided to move back in and engaged RobitailleCurtis to assist them in modernizing the kitchen. In the end, [we] renovated the entry hall, dining room, and kitchen, [and we] relocated the rear service stair, the basement stair, and the powder room. We were careful to respect this historic detailing of the home while improving visual connections and circulation between adjacent spaces on the ground floor. A larger, more functional, modern eat-in kitchen resulted as well."

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