When to Save Versus Splurge in Your Bedroom Revamp

Follow these tips to design the bedroom of your dreams, without depleting your bank account.
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If you’re decorating your home, the bedroom might be your last stop. As one of the more private spaces in a house, this room tends to get left behind as an afterthought during most renovations.

Yet, given how much time is spent in this area, a bedroom is well worth your focus and creativity. Although decorating a bedroom can be tricky, that doesn't mean you have to forgo your budget. Below, we're breaking down which items are worth splurging on, including ones that are not.

When to Splurge

1. Wall Coverings and Paint

It’s important to remember to start off any room with quality base items, such as flooring and paint. Unfortunately, if you decide to skimp on paint, wallpaper, brushes, rollers, or even wallpaper adhesive, you could easily find yourself with paint uneven and dripping paint, or detached wallpaper.

2. Mattress

Despite the fact that you can't see it under sheets and blankets, splurging on your mattress is always a good idea, as it can be the key to a good night's rest.

With sleep playing such a critical part to our health, physical comfort, and state of mind, it's worth spending the money to buy a mattress that fulfills your needs. Whether you opt for firm or soft support, spend time testing out which options works best for you. Although this is an item with a hefty price tag, a high-quality mattress will last for years to come, and don't forget to look out for companies like Casper and Dreamcloud that have started fabricating high-quality mattresses at more affordable prices.

3. Sheets and Bed Linens 

Bed linens made of natural fabric, such as linen or cotton, are worth the higher price tag because of their softness and breathable material.

In addition to your mattress, sheets are another item that you’ll be spending a lot of time with. While they don’t have the same functional use, they are in direct contact with your skin, so it’s worth spending more for a breathable material that won’t be scratch, itch, or tear easily. 

Plus, sheets are also often the focal point in many bedrooms, making them worth it to pay a little more for a set you really love. 

4. Area Rugs

A large area rug is another item that's worth splurging on, as poorly made rugs shed, rip, and wear down quickly over time. Consider buying a large rug that not only feels nice under your feet, but is also made of high enough quality so it won't disintegrate, ultimately costing you more money.

There’s no way around it—the larger the rug, the more expensive they can be. However, it’s important to realize rugs not only have aesthetic purposes, but they also help protect floors and even act as acoustical barriers for downstairs neighbors. 

When to Save

1. Bedside Tables and Nightstands 

Hawkins created the built-in anigre bed and side tables in the master bedroom. Chenault designed the bedding; the sconces are from Artemide.

A great way to save on bedroom decor is with bedside tables and nightstands. Because of their smaller size, these pieces tend to be less expensive than large dressers or armoires, and can usually be found for reasonable prices at a range of stores. 

2. Accent Lighting

Simple accent lighting can be an inexpensive but functional way to provide necessary light.

Another way to save money is on smaller pieces like accent lighting. It’s true that lighting in general is important in a space, but the fixtures that you select don’t have to be expensive. Some of the most popular lights today are minimalist ones that are within just about every budget. 

3. Throw Pillows 

Throw pillows are like the costume jewelry of a bedroom—they put on the finishing touches to a space and help provide a pop of color, yet they can easily be switched out when a trend is no longer in style.

Throw pillows are affordable way to freshen up a room, as they bring in a pop of color and can highlight your personality. If you love a certain color but aren’t ready to commit to an entire accent wall just yet—or you know your taste tends to change quickly—new cases for throw pillows are a quick and easy swap that won’t break the bank. 

4. Artwork

A few simple pieces of artwork can tie a room together without a huge cost.

Artwork doesn’t have to be huge or expensive to be effective and express styles or interests. In fact, a collection of your family photographs, or a gallery of your own creative work, can be artfully arranged to create a compelling tableau. 


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