Webshop to Watch: Son & Dotter

Webshop to Watch: Son & Dotter

By Diana Budds
Son & Dotter, a new webshop launched in September by Sabrina Bello, aims to bring hard-to-find Scandinavian designs to the U.S. market. Included in their growing roster are brands like HAY and A2, a manufacturer we've featured before but whose products weren't available stateside. We sent a few questions to Bello to find out how her store came to be and what to expect in the near future.

The Collect cabinet from A2 is available from sondotter.com for $1,840.

HAY's About a Chair is available from sondotter.com for $398.

How did Son & Dotter get its start?

I opened the shop because I saw a lack of Scandinavian design from independent and younger designers and brands in the U.S. and I wanted to bring my favorites home. Through living and working in Sweden and Denmark, shopping for interiors in small boutiques and large stores, and mostly visiting homes of friends and seeing their personal style, I've come to love Nordic design. 

How did you come to focus on Scandinavian design?

I love the Scandinavian notion that you buy carefully and once for classic, long-lasting items. Themes that are more prevalent in Scandinavia than here are a "brotherly love" culture, and a mutual understanding of not imposing on one’s private space and not over-consuming.

Can you tell us a bit about your background?

My professional background is in international marketing. I've always had a passion for interiors and design. After finishing up a contract position in Copenhagen, I decided that it would be the right time to focus on my own ideas.

Where do you find the products you have for sale?

I live partly between Malmö, Sweden, and Boston (which is where I grew up). I've spent a lot of time walking around Copenhagen, Stockholm, and most recently Helsinki for the Habitare show, looking for undiscovered brands and designers. I've also found them through networking and the local design schools. I seek out brands and designers that are hard to find in the U.S. or aren't available at all. I currently have exclusivity to carry the A2 range of products (only a handful are on my site right now) within the U.S. This is the first time the brand has been sold here.

Do you have plans to feature more products and furniture on your site?

Absolutely! The inventory I carry is limited, and I want to refresh the offering as much as possible, so that there's always something interesting and new to discover. I have some fun stuff planned for the holiday!


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