This Custom Tiny Home Has a Clever, Space-Saving Elevator Bed

Tru Form Tiny creates a custom tiny home with a focus on light, meticulous woodwork, and clever, space-saving design.

Tru Form Tiny is a family-run tiny home builder in Eugene, Oregon. Last year, a client in Petaluma, California, commissioned them to build a custom tiny home based on their 28-foot Urban Payette model. 

Tru Form Tiny worked with the client to update the standard model by incorporating dormers from one of their other styles. They then further customized the home's exterior by adding specially fabricated paneling and smooth-sawn cedar.

Tru Form Tiny merged two of their standard models and then further customized the exterior with specially paneling and tight knot cedar. They also added Galvalume roofing and a removable awning.

The client chose custom interior finishes from Tru Form Tiny's website, and opted to incorporate space-saving features that add to the functionality of the home. "For a versatile sleeping situation, we suggested using an elevator bed," explains Malia Schultheis, co-founder of Tru Form Tiny.

"Luckily, our client was daring enough to let us create one for him, as it is a feature we hadn’t done it before—and it turned out wonderfully." The elevator bed is set in a raised position during the day, complete with a fold-down desk underneath it. At night, the bed can be lowered and the desk folded up to create a headboard.

This photo shows the elevator bed in the raised position, leaving the living room open. A tiny fold-down desk provides office space. 

The cedar slab desk doubles as the headboard when the bed is lowered.

A look at the living space with the bed in the lowered position.

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Here, the cedar slab desk is folded up for use as a headboard.

A set of steel and hickory stairs with a specially designed handrail lead up the loft. This design allows for additional space in the kitchen and helps maintain the airy, open feel.

Tru Form Tiny optimized the kitchen by extending the counter to the space underneath the stairs.

The kitchen provides a surprising amount of storage space for a tiny home. There is also a full-size sink, stove, and refrigerator. 

Open shelving gives the kitchen an airy feel.

A custom coat rack at the entrance maintains the open feel. 

In the bathroom, the toilet is separated from the shower stall. The custom-made stainless steel shower sits next to space designed for a washer/drier combo unit. The hookups are discretely tucked behind the cabinet. 

Tru Form Tiny custom makes all their stainless steel showers.

A look at the ceiling's beautiful mitered woodwork. Here, the elevator bed is in the down position.

The ceiling displays the company's meticulous woodworking techniques, and skylights flood the interiors with natural light. The bright and open living space is full of space-saving functionality and elegant design.

A detail of the meticulous woodwork. 

A glimpse of the cedar-paneled ceiling and the corner window.

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Project Credits: 

Builder/General Contractor: Tru Form Tin / @truformtiny

Interior Decor and Staging: Malia Schultheis

Photography: Malia Schultheis

Building Science: Jen Carroll, co-owner Tru Form Tiny



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