Turn Your Bathroom Into a Private Sanctuary With These Upgrades

Moen’s wide array of faucet and accessory options and its innovative shower solution come together to orchestrate a customized, spa-like bathroom experience.
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Spa-inspired amenities continue to rule in current bathroom trends, and understandably so. Bathrooms serve the dual purpose of jump-starting your day in the morning and helping you decompress in the evening, facilitating an overall sense of comfort, well-being, and balance. Luckily, even minor adjustments can make your bathroom feel more like a personal oasis—you can reduce clutter by storing toiletries in attractive containers, introduce therapeutic candles and bath products, or swap out your current towels for more extravagant options. And for those who are ready to complete the spa transformation, Moen offers a diverse faucet selection and a cutting-edge, smart shower system that takes your daily routine to the next level.

From the wall-mounted faucets over the sink to the understated towel bars, the Arris collection makes an elegant statement in this serene bathroom. 

The mirrored chrome finish pairs well with wood siding in the open shower, adding an industrial touch to a more rustic environment.

From a value standpoint, faucets pack a lot of bang for your buck. Changing out your faucets imparts an entirely different feel to your bathroom, and with the wealth of options on the market, you can find the right products to suit the personality of your home spa with a little research. The Arris collection by Moen is a distinct example of a sleek, modern choice that can upgrade any bathroom. Pairing sharp angles with cylindrical forms, Arris faucets and accessories boast a reflective chrome or brushed nickel finish for an industrial-chic sensibility. Arris delivers an even, aerated flow that boosts functionality while meeting EPA WaterSense® conservation standards.

The One-Handle Tub Filler includes a handheld shower for versatile bathing options.

Both practical and economical, the U by Moen shower runs the water until it hits your preset temperature, pausing it until you're ready to step in.

Rounding out the collection, the Arris showerhead employs Moen Immersion™ rainshower technology to deliver a full spray that is three times more powerful than most rainshowers. To augment this experience, modern homeowners can also choose to leverage smart technology through the U by Moen shower—a new, Wi-Fi-connected shower system that allows users to create up to 12 personalized presets. Whether it’s an invigorating rinse before work or a restorative shower after the gym, the program heats the water to your desired degree and notifies you through the connected app when the shower is ready.

Large, intuitive-to-use buttons save your presets on the U by Moen controller, which is designed to blend into a variety of bathroom styles.

Moen senior product manager Michael Poloha elaborates, "Most people do something else while they wait for the water to heat up: they turn the shower on, brush their teeth, or wake the kids. The U by Moen shower pauses the water when it’s ready, and waits for you to get in." Granting homeowners the luxury of customizing and remotely controlling their shower experience, U by Moen makes for a more dynamic bathroom routine while complementing any design scheme with its minimalist interface. It goes to show that from hardware to software, Moen's designs can have a transformative effect on your home spa.



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