Travel Across the Australian Outback with This Book

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A Kickstarter campaign aims to fund Inside Tracks, a smartphone-enabled coffee table book following Robyn Davidson’s legendary 1,700-mile trek across the Australian Outback. Photojournalist Rick Smolan followed Davidson for nearly three months of her nine-month journey for National Geographic, which ran the photos in a 32-page spread in 1978. The images show Davidson traversing the rugged landscape with four camels and her dog, Digitty. 

A spread from Inside Tracks featuring Smolan's photograph of Davidson in the Australian outback.

A new film, Tracks, brings Davidson's story to life on the big screen. Smolan's book combines his photographs, quotes from Davidson, and images from the film in an interactive, 224-page tome. By downloading a free smartphone app, readers will be able to watch a clip from the movie showing how certain photograph was brought to life in the film as they flip through the book.

Pledge to see the book come to life before the campaign ends on Friday, October 17.

The cover of Inside Tracks.

A spread from Inside Tracks featuring images from the film, Tracks.


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