Transport Perceptual Pod by Alberto Frias

Transport Perceptual Pod by Alberto Frias

Las Vegas–based architect Alberto Frias' design, an LED-illuminated perceptual pod called Transport, drew a lot of attention on the showroom floor at Dwell on Design—people were practically climbing over each other to curl up inside of it.

Frias first came up with the idea for Transport when he was still an architecture student at the University of New Mexico in the 1990s. He describes it as a full-immersion light, sound, and space transport meant for meditative use—basically it's an unbelievably comfy nest that's all about tactile synchronization, with a motion- and temperature-controlled water bed inside, sound by Anthony Gallo Acoustics, and an integrated LED system by Color Kinetics. Each pod is one-of-a-kind, signed and numbered, and constructed from soy-based resin. We wish we were writing this from inside of one, but alas—the $9,500 price tag makes the Om a tad out of reach, save for those few precious moments we stole at Dwell on Design this weekend.


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