Top Design Boards on Pinterest

Top Design Boards on Pinterest

By Olivia Martin
For designers, artists, and virtual hoarders, Pinterest is the perfect website for whiling away hours. The site allows users to curate images on virtual inspiration boards organized by subjects the user chooses. Users, referred to as "pinners," can share boards and images with others. In the past two-and-a-half years, Pinterest has grown from a small start-up to bustling online destination. Although occasionally abused by an inordinate amount of images of baby animal memes and wedding dresses, it has become a valuable resource for inspiration and new products. We investigated the popular pinners in modern architecture and design and picked some of our favorites to share with you.

Pinner: Aaron De Simone

Aaron De Simone's pinboard has 181 pins from sources all over the globe.

Followers: 280,013

Board: Architecture De Simone pins gorgeous, clean-lined houses from all over the world. In case the buildings themselves weren’t perfect enough, they are often situated in far-flung locales such as Lo Curro, Auckland, and Djúpavík.    

Myan Duong's Smarchitecture board has 981 pins of interiors and exteriors.

Pinner: Myan Duong Followers: 277,750Board: Smarchitecture Natural materials and muted color palettes are a common theme in Duong's selection of romantic, but unfussy, residences. Quirky architectural details like hidden doors and Escher staircases require a second glance to grasp.    

Richard LaRue's Design Thinking board has 1,194 pins covering a large assortment of graphic design projects.

Pinner: Richard LaRue Followers: 270,779Board: Design Thinking Over one thousand pins dedicated to typography, illustration, package design, and advertising with a distinct vintage flair. Design geeks will rejoice at LaRue's wide variety of bottles, maps, and menus.   

Loïc Dupasquier's Furniture Design pinboard has 609 pins devoted to modern design.

Pinner: Loïc Dupasquier Followers: 276,308Board: Furniture Design Scandinavian design pieces ranging from Ikea to Mike and Maaike to Jens Rinsom would make it onto any design lover’s wish list. The board is especially packed with chairs and light fixtures.  

Christopher Culley's Design Furniture Greatness has 169 pins, including shots of furniture from his shop.

Pinner: Christopher Culley Followers: 993,466Board: Furniture Greatness Mid-century pieces galore by more Charles and Ray Eames, George Nelson, and Hans Wegner than we have ever seen crammed in one place. It’s great for learning about some of the biggest design hits or for gaining a new appreciation of that era.  

Bonnie Tsang's Things board has 1,117 pins of things she "needs and wants."

Pinner: Bonnie Tsang Follower: 309,323Board: Things As the name suggests, Tsang's board has a variety of home goods and well-designed every day items like bicycles, phone cases, and cameras. Fanciful pieces, such as indoor tents and a polar bear balloon, add a dose of humor.   See Dwell's Pinterest boards here. 

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