Tired of Driving? Let Volvo and Uber Take Care of Your Commute

Tired of Driving? Let Volvo and Uber Take Care of Your Commute

By Matthew Keeshin
Uber and Volvo are bringing driverless cars to Pittsburgh—sooner than you think.

What happens when a ride-share company meets a Swedish car maker? Volvo and Uber arrive in Pittsburgh later this summer to roll out their partnership and provide the autonomous driving experience to the city. 

The interface of the XC90 SUV by Volvo. This will be a base vehicle that both the Volvo and Uber teams will be collaborating on.

As part of Uber's plan to reimagine transportation industry, they have acquired Otto. Otto is a 90-plus person transportation startup known for their expertise in self-driving trucks. By leveraging each other's strengths in development and strategy, the companies plan to use the same base vehicle to further advance the technology and create the next generation of driverless cars. 

The XC90 for the Uber and Volvo collaboration. 

The Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) created by Volvo is the technology used for the car company's top level cars. The program began in 2010 and has since grown to anticipate the autonomous experience. Engineers from both teams will work together to create new ways of autonomous driving. 

Volvo and Uber plan to spend $300 million for this initiative. As the technology continues to develop, it looks like the car industry is eager to speed up. 

Volvo's SPA technology along with their developments in electrification appealed to Uber. 


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