This Small Spanish Apartment Takes Color Blocking to the Extreme

Each of its zones features a vibrant hue that adds character and definition to the roughly 600-square-foot space.

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Project Details:

Location: Seville, Spain

Architect: studio.noju / @studio.noju


Photographer: studio.noju / @studio.noju

From the Architect: "Casa Triana is a 60-square-meter apartment renovation in the historic neighborhood of Triana, Seville. The apartment has been designed for a single woman and it provides her with as much living space as possible given the limited footprint. The main concept was to create a singular open space, but not make it feel too empty or characterless. A series of colored niches create distinct programatic areas that give the apartment its unique identity.

"The new spaces are not defined by physical partitions but by a common language of textures, materials and colors: the yellow dining room, the green kitchen, the black bathroom. To accommodate guests, a blue curtain stowed in a niche in the living room can be deployed to create a privacy partition. The triangular pattern—created using metal ridge caps (or "cumbreras" in Spanish) which are traditionally used to top gable roofs—creates an interesting rhythm of light, shadow, and contrast with the flatness of the white wall. Many of the colors used in the apartment are traditional Sevillian colors that can be found on the streets. Much of the inspiration came from the cityscape itself."


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