This Mesmerizing New Prefab Looks Like a Cocoon

Two pods for living and sleeping meld with the outdoors through a patented, reversible window concept.
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Billing itself as a "cocoon in the wilderness," Lumishell is a new modular prefab home whose undulating shape opens up completely to the outdoors thanks to patented, curved sliding glass doors. A collaboration between window manufacturer Lumicene and architect Christophe Benichou, the 430-square-foot dwelling includes a day area, night area, and bathroom, all of which maintain a connection to the landscape.

The prefab can be assembled on site in about four to five days, requiring just a flat surface that can support its weight. Encased in aluminum, the Lumishell features warm wood interiors and reflective mirrors that extend the outside environment into the space. The unit is optimized for comfort throughout the seasons—in winter, the curved, glazed surfaces capture solar energy, while in the summer, external blinds and natural ventilation cool the structure down. 

Now available to pre-order, Lumishell will be ready to deliver worldwide starting in 2018. 


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