This Serene Bamboo Bungalow Rental Is a Slice of Paradise in Bali

This Serene Bamboo Bungalow Rental Is a Slice of Paradise in Bali

Hidden away in the heart of the tropics, a slice of eco-friendly paradise awaits travelers seeking a magical Bali experience.
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The oldest region in Bali is now home to a unique and unforgettable Airbnb rental: Hideout Bali. Created by Czech couple Ali and Jarmil as a green antidote to stressful city living, this delightful retreat offers adventurous travelers the opportunity to disconnect from reality and reconnect with nature in an all-bamboo bungalow. 

Located in the Karangasem district, Hideout Bali is approximately an hour away from the region’s main tourist attractions—but therein lies its appeal. With the nearest Balinese village a quarter-mile away, the remote home is a secluded paradise surrounded by the jungle with views of rice fields and Mount Agung in the distance. Rivers surrounding the property support an abundance of biodiversity and are perfectly positioned for refreshing morning swims. 

However, the idyllic environment isn’t the only thing that makes this house alluring. Hideout Bali immediately draws the eye with its huge triangular window on the second floor that overlooks incredible river views. The bamboo framework and thatched roof are a nod to the local vernacular, but the enthusiastic embrace of all-bamboo construction was inspired by the work of IBUKU, a Bali-based design firm that works exclusively with bamboo.

"We gathered inspiration from traveling around the world and mainly used our intuition," says Ali, explaining why the home both references and deviates from traditional Balinese architecture. 

She and Jamil had no prior architectural experience and enlisted the help of local builders and architects to bring their dream home to life.

Natural materials and an eco-friendly design philosophy were key in the design and build process for Hideout Bali, which was constructed in six months for about $15,000. 

In addition to bamboo—which was locally sourced from Iseh village—the main building materials include river stone, local timber, glass, and cogon grass for the roof. 

Hideout Bali was initially built for 100 percent off- grid living and ran on a waterwheel for hydroelectric energy. However, due to the river’s instability, the home has since been hooked up to the grid. In keeping with a commitment to low environmental impact, all water is collected onsite. 

The one-bedroom 60-square-foot home sleeps up to four guests in two beds with bamboo bedding, making the two-story Airbnb an affordable bargain that starts at $160 a night. Guests also have the option of using both an indoor bathroom and outdoor shower.

Given Hideout Bali’s remote setting, the open home also has no secure doors. The only visitors—aside from local wildlife—are a friendly kitten that lives on the property and the caretaker, Wayan, who is in charge of cooking meals for guests.

Interested travelers should note that advance reservations are required for Hideout Bali. In fact, the Airbnb is often fully booked four months in advance. Fortunately, Ali and Jarmil recently added a new guest apartment nearby—the Hideout Lightroom—that’s also available to rent on AirBnB. 

Furthermore, the enterprising couple continues to expand their Hideout brand with an Airbnb location available in Prague. They also plan to build a third rental in Bali soon.

See availability for Hideout Bali on Airbnb here. 


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