These 5 Interior Design Trends Will Reign Supreme in 2018

Simple yet sophisticated, these new directions can help your space evolve.
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We’re never ones to shy away from minimalist, modern spaces, but we’re ready to live it up a little bit more in 2018. We’re anticipating a year that luxuriates on the sophisticated side of modern, complete with plush fabrics, dashes of deep colors, unexpected greenery, abstract furniture—and to keep things interesting, a constant interplay between textures, patterns, and solids.

Jewel Tones

Blue is associated with calmness and dependability. Harking back to memories of the sky or the ocean, the color is said to promote relaxation. This bold punch of teal combines the best of blue and green.

It’s not just Pantone—whose color of the year is Ultra Violet—that’s feeling the jewel tones. Deep reds, teals, purples, and turquoises are the perfect colors to create a sense of depth and sophistication in a space. Want to make the jewel tones shine without overwhelming? Set them against a crisp, white canvas so that they pop—but just the right amount.

Hanging Plants

Succulents have been around in a big way for a while now, but we can definitely see hanging plants in our near future. The dynamic display of plants hanging from the ceiling, in concert with their more free-form shape, means that they fill unexpected corners and create a bit of drama in a room.

Velvet, Velvet, and More Velvet

Few fabrics say luxe as much as the silky, plush feel of velvet. While it may initially conjure images of dark, ornate Victorian homes, rest assured: the velvet of 2018 is versatile enough to work in a modern interior, so long as it is used as an accent fabric or in tandem with more modern silhouettes. A tactile throw pillow, velvety drapes framing a window, or an elegant, contemporary sofa clad in velvet could be the right way to go.

Sculptural Furniture

Abstract, sculptural furniture is another item we’re keeping our eyes on for 2018. With their unusual form, sculptural furniture is a functional piece of artwork that rarely requires any additional accessories in a space. The feeling is anything but neutral, and veers towards eclectic or even avant-garde, but can be brought back down to earth through smart pairings. For example, try a sculptural sofa next to a more streamlined coffee table.

Patterned Floors and Ceilings

Hardwood flooring has been a hallmark of quality for decades, if not centuries, and we’re starting to enjoy some of its more intricate designs and patterns—on ceilings as well as floors. Herringbone, chevron, and parquet are some of the classic layouts for flooring that can easily extend beyond wood to brick, tile, and other materials, and we’re looking forward to seeing more creative treatments of both floor and ceiling surfaces this year.


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