The Story Behind the Bestseller: JANUS et Cie
By Kelsey Keith / Published by Dwell

Terry Clayton, JANUS et Cie's Senior Vice President of Sales, explains that the Janus customer is drawn to the "unique combination of industrial design and natural forms that are produced in materials like rattan and abaca and later interpreted into synthetic materials for more demanding outdoor environments." For example, the bestselling Balou and Lulu armchairs created by Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue integrate locally sourced, natural materials with innovative handmade craft, which Clayton says his customers view as "functional art."

Lulu Lounge Chair in Java by Kenneth Cobonpue for JANUS et Cie Retail, $2,059,

Balou Lounge Armchair in Natural by Kenneth Cobonpue for JANUS et Cie , $2,747,

Clayton continues, "The incorporation of new technology with the preservation of local craft is good for the communities in which the products are produced. Many clients tell us these pieces become a centerpiece of family gatherings, while others comment that their selections are placed in a quiet corner as a rare, architectural form."

Kelsey Keith


Kelsey Keith has written about design, art, and architecture for a variety of print and online publications.

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