A Delightfully Simple Micro-Flat in Beirut Inspires Calm

A Delightfully Simple Micro-Flat in Beirut Inspires Calm

Named “The Shoebox,” this tiny space maximizes charm and efficiency—all within 176 square feet.

On the top floor of a historic building in Beirut sits a little abode known as The Shoebox—named for its simple, rectangular floor plan. At just 176 square feet, the all-white flat was imagined by local designer Elie Metni as a tranquil rental property for short-term visitors.

Designer Elie Metni created The Shoebox, a micro-flat tucked along the top floor of a historic building in Beirut. Her clients imagined the space to comfortably sleep two adults, while accommodating dinner or entertaining for up to five.

"The intention was to create a powerful sense of pleasure, simplicity, ease, and efficiency in a 176-square-foot layout," says Metni. "The final design was a sort of response to what Beirut needed at that time—a counter reaction to the chaos happening around us."

"The entire unit is designed as a flexible space that can evolve and transform into different functions for a short-term visitors," explains Metni. 

"Knowing that the Shoebox would be on Airbnb, the challenge was to make the space's different functions clear to visitors. I wanted to turn what is usually uncomfortable about a space into an unforgettable experience."

Large white tiles are repeated in the bathroom, which sits at the rear of the flat. A translucent window illuminates the space with natural light. 

To minimize clutter, nearly every piece of furniture offers built-in storage: a double-size bed features cabinetry underneath; a small desk area promotes organization with specialized storage solutions for supplies and electronics; and sandwiched between the desk and dining area, a couch conceals a coffee table and foot rest underneath. "It's the perfect place to sit down and relax after a long day outside," Metni adds.

A view from the kitchen shows the built-in storage wrapping around the flat's perimeter. Translucent window panels allow natural an abundance of natural light into the space while providing privacy. 

"One of the features that I really like is how bright the apartment is," notes Metni. While most of the windows are fitted with frosted glass, a large window at the foot of the bed frames city views. "Waking up in the morning and looking at Beirut's skyline throughout the panoramic window is super."

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Natural light bounces off all-white color palette, enhancing both the home's sense of space and bright, airy aesthetic.


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