The Possibilities Are Endless With This New Cutting-Edge Cooktop

The Possibilities Are Endless With This New Cutting-Edge Cooktop

By Paige Alexus
Presented by Miele
Every time Miele comes out with a line of innovative appliances, we wait in eager anticipation to see what the new and improved capabilities will be. For their most recent launch, they’ve introduced a high-tech line of Induction Cooktops with special technologies including PowerFlex and Con@ctivity 2.0. The collection takes cooking to a whole new level with outstanding capabilities focusing on safety, efficiency, power, and precision.

According to Miele, they’ve recently tracked a growing interest in induction cooktops, which comes as no surprise considering they heat up twice as fast as gas stoves while conserving a large amount of energy. The principle of the technology is simple—the power of induction generates a magnetic field that turns your cookware into a heating element, resulting in an exceedingly safe and precise way to cook. 

The effectivity of induction cooktops is made possible by the way they generate a magnetic field that converts your cookware into the actual heating element, that then delivers a direct source of efficient power.

In order to fit within all types of kitchen configurations, Miele’s induction cooktops are available in 24", 30", 36", and 42" models, with the option of including a sleek flush-mounted installation or a stainless steel frame. They also offer a 30" M Touch induction range along with an induction CombiSet, providing solutions for the needs of any cook. 

One of the new cooktop’s highlights is its PowerFlex zone that provides precise and effective heat, while giving you the option to cook with large pans that might need an extra boost of power. You can even combine two cooking zones into one, allowing you to go from handling two pots to working with a single large casserole dish.

Scroll through these images to see how the line’s seamless design could fit into the kitchen of your dreams, with a guarantee that you’ll be cooking with full control in no time.

Miele’s Con@ctivity 2.0 technology allows for a communication to be established between your induction cooktop and ventilation hood. The hood will turn on and off based on the activity of the stove, and will even run at an optimum power level according to what’s happening below. This lets you get cooking with freedom, without having to worry about your system not keeping up.


If all that isn’t enough, the extra capabilities will blow you away. Most notably, you’ll be happy to find an automatic heat-up option, a precise timer, variable cooking zones, safety shut-off functions, intuitive control panels, pan size recognition, and an EasyClean Ceran surface that’s designed to resist heat transfer.


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